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Face Mask Trio

facial care

Gentle and nourishing skincare for all skin types.

Face Mask Trio


Face Mask Trio


The face mask trio includes three varieties of our best selling, detoxifying, moisturizing and brightening, face masks.

Activated Charcoal & Rosemary Detoxifying Face Mask treats acne, removes dirt, toxins, and excess oil for a healthy flawless complexion. This mask is ideal for acne prone, oily, and combination skin.  We blend purifying charcoal and mineral rich botanicals with essential oils of rosemary, myrrh, frankincense and tea tree to reduce blemishes and add a cooling sensation and refreshing aroma. The formula combines several beneficial ingredients to create the ultimate deep cleansing and detoxifying mask.

Ingredients: kaolin clay, activated charcoal, aloe vera powder, arrowroot powder*, essential oils of: rosemary, frankincense, and myrrh. *Certified Organic

Coconut & Rosehip Moisturizing Face Mask lightly clarifies and moisturizes skin for a silky and radiant complexion. Gentle for all skin types, this face mask is ideal for combination, dry, sensitive, and aging skin. We blend rich organic coconut milk with soothing botanicals and essential oils of rose and ylang ylang to balance skin tone and add a lush floral aroma. The formula combines several beneficial ingredients to create the most decadently rich and soothing face mask.

Ingredients: coconut milk*, pink clay, rosehip extract, aloe vera powder, and essential oils of: rose and ylang ylang. *Certified Organic

Pineapple & Grapefruit Brightening Face Mask exfoliates, cleanses, and balances skin for a luminous and clear glowing complexion. While gentle enough for all skin types, it is ideal for combination, aging, oily, and dull skin. We blend revitalizing fruit enzymes and antioxidants with gentle botanical exfoliants, and essential oils of neroli and grapefruit to even and balance skin tone, and add a fresh sweet aroma. The formula combines several beneficial ingredients to create the ultimate illuminating, smoothing, and cleansing mask.

TO USE: Mix ½ teaspoon- ½ tablespoon with a few drops of water until paste forms. Apply to face, let dry, and rinse well. Can be left on for up to 20 minutes. Can also be mixed with oil, milk, or honey.

If desired, follow with our facial toner and/or serum depending on skin type. For oily skin follow with the toner, and and for dry skin follow with serum.

Avoid contact with eyes.

All three masks are packaged in a .50 oz kraft pouch. Each pouch contains 3-5 face masks.

100% Natural   Vegan    Cruelty-Free     Gluten-Free

NO: parabens, sulfates, petroleum, artificial fragrance or, preservatives.

*Free product sample with every purchase*

 The face mask trio is one of our best sellers! If you would like for the trio to be gift wrapped with a custom note please leave your request in the comments section.

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