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Facial Care Set

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Facial Care Set


Get radiant and healthy skin with our Facial Care Set. Each set includes our Calendula & Mint Cleansing Grains, Honeysuckle & Aloe Vera Facial Toner, and Neroli & Chamomile Facial Serum. 

Each set comes packaged in a kraft box. If you would like a gift note included, please email us with details.

Calendula & Mint Cleansing Grains provide gentle exfoliation and cleansing for all skin types. Hand made with soothing natural and local ingredients that lightly wash and never dry out your skin. The aroma of mint & calendula is heightened with essential oils of rose, lemon, and chamomile, for an energizing scent perfect for starting your day. Designed to brighten your complexion , each ingredient provides key nutrients that benefit acne prone, balanced, sensitive, and aging skin.

To Use: The cleansing grains are a dry face scrub and need to be mixed with water when used. Apply ½ -1 teaspoon on wet face, rub in circular motions, and rinse. Or pour grains in your hand, mix with a small amount of water, and use as a paste. Use daily or a few times a week depending on skin type.   Follow with our Honeysuckle & Aloe Face Toner and Neroli & Chamomile Serum.   Avoid contact with eyes.

Packaged in a 2 oz. paragon glass jar.

Ingredients: brown rice flour*, calendula+, oatmeal*, kaolin clay, mint+, green tea*, essential oils of: chamomile, rose, peppermint, and lemon. *Certified Organic+Locally Grown

Honeysuckle & Aloe Facial Toner lightly cleanses, balances the PH of your skin, and reduces the appearance of pores, for a smooth and glowing complexion.  This refreshing mist blends organic and wild crafted hydrosols, witch hazel, glycerin, and essential oils of jasmine and neroli for a sweet and floral scent that will brighten your day.  This revitalizing toner can be applied day or night to remove dirt and hydrate your skin. Each ingredient specifically benefits acne prone, sensitive, dry, and oily skin, making this toner ideal for all skin types.

To Use: Spray 2-5 times directly onto face and neck. Or spray on a cotton pad and wipe your face with the pad. Can be used any time of day, on its own, or after washing the face with our Calendula & Mint Cleansing grains.  When using at night, follow with our Neroli & Chamomile Facial Serum. Avoid contact with eyes.

Best used within one year and store in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life.

Packaged in a 2 oz. bottle with spray top.

Ingredients:  Aloe vera hydrosol*, wild crafted honeysuckle hydrosol, witch hazel distillate, essential oils of: neroli, and jasmine, and leucidal (radish root ferment preservative). *Certified Organic

Neroli & Chamomile Facial Serum combines nutrient rich  oils infused with locally grown calendula for a replenishing moisturizer ideal for all skin types. We hand craft this serum with essential oils of neroli, chamomile, rose and myrrh for a clean, sweet, and exotic aroma. This serum is designed to restore and hydrate your skin and each ingredient is carefully selected for health benefits for all skin types.

To use: Massage 3-5 drops onto face and neck . Can be applied anytime of the day for extra moisture, and is especially beneficial used at night after our Calendula & Mint Cleansing Grains and Honeysuckle and Aloe Toner.  Can be applied under eyes, but avoid direct contact with eyes. 

Packaged in a .25 oz. glass vial with dropper.

Ingredients: Camellia oil, calendula+, jojoba oil*, argan oil*, vitamin E, and essential oils of: neroli, chamomile, myrrh, and rose. *Certified Organic +Locally Grown

All Products Are

100% Natural   Vegan    Cruelty-Free     Gluten-Free

NO: parabens, sulfates, petroleum, artificial fragrance or, chemical preservatives.




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