“These products are like having a flower shop, a dessert eatery, and a herbal apothecary that fresh picks your ingredients all for your skin. I'm a bit smitten with the bath soaks with flowers in it. I can't wait to put my little one in the bath with these and giggle as she soaks in flowers . Elisabeth's bright spirit and joyful smile is definitely revealed through her apothecary goods.“


"I already loved the lavender and clary sage body scrub. When I ordered it this time, the free sample was the facial serum. I have used it only two times and my skin is already clearer. The red spots I had are fading. The white heads and black heads I've had for months are finally coming to a head. And my skin is super soft! I'm amazed!!''


"I recently bought the facial toner, and since using it my acne has cleared up! I barely wear makeup now!"


"The bug spray works better than anything I’ve ever used. I’m one of those who will be in a field of 50 people and I’m the only one who gets 9 bites! I usually will slather one or two squirts of the bug spray on my ankles before I go out and I’m good!! The travel sizes are perfect for bringing them wherever you go. I can’t say enough how much I love their products!!!"

Lia Kate

“I purchased the cleansing grains, toner, serum, and lime lip balm at moss beauty. I am loving it all. My face feels so good after i washed it with the grains. Can't wait to try the tinted lip balm!”


"For years I have had problematic skin and used Proactive and other harsh scrubs that only irritated my face more. After trying the gentle scrub sample I fell in love with it and just ordered the face kit and couldn't be more pleased. Also, I am a huge fan of the cocoa butter and lip balms. Excellent products all around"

Shannon Lee Omark

"I LOVE the new Lemon & Eucalyptus Bug Spray! I used it the other day while gardening for hours and didn't get a single bite! But when I went out yesterday for just a few minutes, I didn't bother with the spray, and came in with FIVE mosquito bites! So I just ordered another bottle--to be on the safe side, I'll keep it in the car so I'll always have some!"

Betsey Brown

“I am a 66 year old woman, have used all the department store face care products and this line is the absolute best! My skin has greatly improved, love the face serum and toner. I live at the beach and cannot say enough about the body creams, they melt on your skin like butter!”

DonnA Kuegel

“I love the tinted lip balm. I just ordered my first supply a few weeks ago, but have really enjoyed it! I've been using it as a blusher, too - such a great color and hydrating, too!”

Beth Dalton

“I have the under eye cream and it is AMAZING! Honestly one of the best products I have/use on a daily basis!”

Brandy Blake

“This charcoal mask is life changing! Love it”

Alex Adams

“I have loved Lo & Behold's body butters and chapsticks for years -- they are such high quality and always make me feel just a little bit luxurious. I was hesitant to try the facial products as my skin is acne prone, but at Lizzie's suggestion I started a routine with the cleansing grains and facial serum. I am so happy with the results! My skin has calmed down so much. And I love supporting this fabulous woman owned company!”

Suzy Firestone

”This is THE scrub. The lavender and clary sage combo is heavenly...invigorating and relaxing at the same time. I recommend it highly. Lo & Behold knows their stuff. The ginger and blood orange lip balm is (almost) good enough to eat.”

Kelsey Meehan

"I can't get enough! From the body scrubs, to the body oils, to the face masks. The products and the smells are beyond incredible. I love knowing that my money goes to support a local business and that the products are simple and natural, which is exactly what my skin needs!"

Ryan Shalley

“I work as an instructional coach, visiting classrooms throughout the day. Today I had a high school girl tap me on the shoulder to comment on how nice my skin is! If you know anything about high school girls, you know they are brutally honest! I’m giving Lo & Behold all the credit for that complement! Thank you for making such amazing products!”


“I’ve been using your products for over a year now, and I cannot express how much I love them. Since I started using them, my skin had become so clear and my skin feels so soft and moisturized. Your lip balms are INCREDIBLE too! So grateful for your amazing products. Thank you for making them!!”


“Every time I use your Coconut and Cocoa Whipped Body Butter I have to restrain myself from taking a bite!!! So tempting!”

Claudia Sanders

“I am loving the cleansing grains and the facial serum from Lo and Behold! They're the only products I have used that have kept my face smooth and oil-free for the whole day, instead of just a few hours! I really love the lip balm, as well. The aromas from all of the products are very relaxing!”

Erica Martin

“The Shaving Oil is the bomb! I’ve been shaving nearly 50 years and that is best system yet.”

Kola Vaughn

"I purchased several products from this amazing company. The face masks have cleared my face up and made me GLOW! And the body butter is the best lotion my skin has ever touched. 10/10 recommend. Such a great company. Can’t wait to try more products."

Jessica Whitlock

"Just got the new facial products - cleansing grains, toner and facial serum - fabulous products! The Cleansing grains are refreshing and feel like they're gently exfoliating and leave skin super soft. I then give my face a light spray with the toner and it is so much nicer and milder than that super chemically - medicinal Clinique stuff! Then three tiny drops of the serum are enough to moisturize beautifully leaving my skin more supple and glowy than it's been in a long time! This will be my new routine! Great products!”

Juliette Brown

“Love, love, love this local, natural, amazing small business. What would I do without my charcoal mask?”


“My mom and I stopped by your booth this weekend and are already extremely impressed with the products we bought. My skin already looks healthy and nourished underneath makeup after using your under eye green tea cream a few times and the jasmine & hibiscus body moisturizer is an excellent and non pore clogging facial moisturizer. Thank you so much for taking the time to make recommendations and for the samples you gave us!”


“Your bug spray has been a godsend out here in the Bahamas, thank you!”


“The lip tint is so beautiful! Gives just the perfect pop of color and smells amazing!”

Trish Rothstein

“She uses some serious magic to create her incredible goods. I'm obsessed with the Coconut & Rosehip Mask. It left my skin feeling like silk because of the lush ingredients of Pink Clay, Aloe Vera, and Ylang Ylang. The Fall Bath Bouquet is the most decadent bath soak. With real flowers that float around you as your soak in the soothing delicious scent"

April Manring

"After a lot of traveling my skin is so dry, thank goodness for Lo & Behold body butter to bring me back to life! It's like putting on nourishing air!”

Anna Sullivan

"I'm OBSESSED with all of L&B's products! The ingredient line is clean and completely nourishing-- my skin has never felt softer! The scrubs and oils are the only thing keeping my skin hydrated in the Chicago winters. And the face line is hands down the best!"


“Love the items they work sooo well! I never had items that worked as well as these products have!”

Linda Chen

“The grapefruit mask is THE BEST THING EVER. I put out a search party for a grapefruit mask and this is the only shop I found that makes a nontoxic version. It smells awesome and you can visibly see a reduction of redness after the mask. You’re left with a glow and your face feels awesome!”


“I have been using the products for almost a week now. I’m happy to tell you that I couldn’t possibly love them more. They’re amazing. I’m especially in love with the eye cream and the serum. My skin is glowing and I noticed a brightening around my eyes almost immediately! Oh and the wildflower oil. Wow. So nice. There’s also something about the whole line that evokes a beautiful sense of nostalgia for me somehow. Just the combination of the gentle scents, the labeling artwork, the uncomplicated ingredients that all have lovely stories about their origins. I’m actually Canadian. I grew up in Manitoba and have only been living in Australia for about 7 years now but something about your products reminds me of home and big sunny wildflower fields on the prairies. I’m in love.”

Andrea Chimilar

“This stuff has actually been brightening my dark circles under my eyes and NOTHING ELSE has worked for me, love you forever Lo & Behold!”


“I have been searching for something more gentle and natural to clean my face and I started using Pacifica brand toner and the Cleansing Grains from Lo & Behold. With the combination I was still breaking out and so I decided to try just the cleansing grains and have been going on three weeks straight with only an occasional small pimple and my face feels great! Thank you for such a great product!”

Stephanie Cassidy

“I wanted to let you know that I had an completely unanticipated benefit--for the last 10-15 years, I've had a broad, bright red circle around the base of my neck--from a severe sunburn (from sitting on the beach all afternoon, when everything except my neck was covered up!). I've used all kinds of creams, scrubs, everything short of a chemical skin peel, and NOTHING made it the least bit better! I can't say for sure whether it was your facial serum or the cleansing grains or a combination, because I've used both pretty faithfully on both face and neck, but the red "necklace" has almost completely disappeared! Also most of the uneven redness on my face. If I had realized what was happening sooner, I would have taken some "before and after" photos as proof, but I assure you it's true, and I couldn't be more pleased!! THANK YOU!”

Betsey Brown

"I’ve tried all your masks and I love the charcoal one for spot treating acne, the coconut one if my skin is super dry, but holy shit your brightening mask is THE BEST. Within minutes of using, my skin feels like a baby’s bottom and my eczema flares calm down."

Sarah Conner

“I use a lot of Lo & Behold products, but I cannot live without the Body Scrub!”

 Linda Buechi Orovitz

“I have used the Jasmine & Hibiscus Body Butter for a few weeks now with great results and no breakouts! It never ceases to amaze me when natural products outdo high end conventional brands by far!"


"My introduction to Lo & Behold was a few years ago with 1 stick of lip balm at the Chapel Hill Farmer's Market. Now, I have one, if not more, of everything! My two favorite items are the sugar scrub and body butter. My skin has never looked better!! I keep cuticle at my desk at work and use daily. I am so happy to have found Lo & Behold! Thanks, Lizzie!"

Laura Davis

“ I believe she makes the facial toner using witchcraft because it never fails to clear my skin up.”

Sadie Goulet

"For the past couple of years I have suffered from eczema on my legs and arms. For the most part I kept them covered so the huge purple patches wouldn’t show. My dermatologist prescribed several different prescriptions which created subsequent problems. I have very sensitive skin and over the years, I’ve used fewer and fewer products to avoid contact with items that I cannot tolerate. The skin issues have grown worse through the winter months as the skin was less exposed to natural light and air. The spots grew increasingly embarrassing and uncomfortable. I never expected to have such dry skin after having excessively oily skin all of my life. But body chemistry changes as you age.

All I can say is that the last year using a combination of your products has had a huge impact for me. A routine of mineral flakes combined with the Calendula bath soak most evenings, followed by one of the body butter products keeps my skin calm and hydrated. I repeat the body butter in the morning.  While it took about a month to really see the difference in the skin color, it only took a week to reduce the itching to nearly zero. And now after six months of this routine, you cannot see any of the old crusty dry skin and I rarely experience itchy patches at all.

Over the summer I decided to change my facial routine. I added the Honeysuckle toner and Neroli moisturizer around my eyes to my routine. Twice a week, I like to use the  Rose hip clay mask to deep clean gently.  I can easily say that my face looks and feels better than it has in years. The products are not abrasive, smell nice and do a great job of cleaning out the smut that get into my pores when I’m cooking on the grill or gardening. I’ve used all of these with my regular makeup and they work beautifully"

Susan Sink

"I get probably a thousand bug bites as soon as the temperature gets above 65F and this stuff is all natural and works so so so well! It's handmade in Durham and lasts for so long even in the teensy bottle!!" - on the Bug Spray

Cameron Agliardo

"The most effective mask that I have EVER used!"- on the activated charcoal face mask



“I am in love with this toner. It smells and feels SO lovely! The scent would make a lovely perfume !”

"My love of Lo & behold products started with the cuticle cream. It is the best on the market. Simple ingredients that work! The body butter and facial serum are wonderful additions . The body butter will make any rough, dry skin softer and smooth. The facial serum is wonderful in the summer time as a lighter moisturizer. The body scrub leaves my skin soft and I don't need additional moisturizer. Every product is made with high quality ingredients that will not irritate your skin. Lo & Behold products are the only ones I use."

Sharon Leavitt

“This body butter is life. Once you place in your hand, it just starts to melt and leaves your body soooo soft and moisturized from top to bottom. I love the gentle coconut and chocolately cocoa smell. I will be buying a bigger size the next time around. I HAVE BECOME AN ADDICT TO THIS STUFF!!!!”


“This stuff if great! I wish I could bottle this scent into a perfume!” - on Gardener's Salve


"I met you at the Duke farmers market and bought some toner. I absolutely love it and wanted you to know it is working wonders for my sunburn too!!

Liz Bjorkland Steed

"I love the cocoa body butter! I use it when I get out of the shower and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. This item arrived extremely quickly and it came with a very friendly note from the owners that briefly described the product. I would highly recommend this body butter to anyone who likes to feel clean and smooth. :)"

Jennifer Marvin

“I am so in love with these products! They feel great and smell wonderful. I use the hand salve on my chest and hands and it makes my skin incredibly soft. The hand and foot salve has a gentle warmth to it that is soothing to the soul. And the gift bags are precious! I love knowing these products are completely natural and made with so much care and integrity!"

Celia Starke

"A few years back, I started to get these tiny but painful cuts in the corners of my mouth. It is a condition called angular cheilitis. The moisture can cause candida so I was having to use nasty anti fungal cream 2-4 times a month.
I started using your
lip balms last year on a daily basis and I have had ZERO recurrence. I am so very grateful to you and your wonder balm! I no longer use the RX cream, thank goodness! Your natural, healing ingredients have had wonderful curative powers on lips. I tell everyone I know. I even took it to my dentist recently as she was concerned about my issue."

Alexandra Patterson

“Before this serum, I neglected my skin. I always hated the greasy heavy feeling of lotion or cream and thought that was the end of my skin care routine. The second I put this serum on my face it changed my LIFE. There is no heavy greasy uncomfortable film that makes your skin feel trapped. It’s weightless, so delicately thin, and makes my skin feel nourished and naturally radiant. I look forward to the couple of minutes a day that I take to massage the serum into my skin and feel like a princess. Thank you for this amazing product, it’s given me a new sense of self love.”

Nicole Rinaldi

“Love this set! It feels great. It smells great. And the best part, it keeps my hands so soft and moisturized.” - on the Softest Skin Gift Set


“It delights me to know that the products I’m using are made with many locally-sourced ingredients from many of the same farmers that I know and trust for my food."


"LOVE this rosemary lip balm and also LOVE the sample of Lavender and Sage body scrub too!! Will definitely be purchasing a bigger container of the body scrub and looking forward to trying other products too! Highly recommend!"


"The Kitchen Hand Salve is an amazing product! As a personal chef I pack this in my knife roll to go! Great for hands after so much dishwashing and the scent is pure aromatherapy."


"Everything about buying Lo & Behold natural body care products make me feel good--treating the amazing women in my life with unique, fun and quality self-care gifts that are 100% natural and supportive of other local businesses; finding body care products that so natural and so effective and so luxurious at an affordable price; and supporting a business that's owned and run by a young woman AND that provides professional experience to youth affected by poverty, immigration, and incarceration. I ordered these products during the holidays without having ever tried them before. Shopping on the website was a total pleasure--the detailed descriptions helped me get a sense of the smells, feeling, and natural remedies of every ingredient, and the photography is amazing. To top it off, everything arrived neatly packaged and ready to be gifted. WHETHER YOU'RE GIFTING YOURSELF OR SOMEONE SPECIAL, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! My favorite products so far are the bath salts and face masks. I can't wait to try more body care products."

Tess Malijenovsky

“When it comes to bug spray, I’m about as skeptical as they come. I garden & am a Horticulture student so I’m outside a lot. A year ago, I’d pretty much accepted that I would never be able to escape the mosquitoes. I’d tried everything from deet to mosquito repellent soap. Nothing worked. While it took a lot of convincing and my hopes weren’t exactly high, I went home with Lo & Behold’s bug spray figuring the worst that could happen is it wouldn’t work. 

Let me tell you, it worked! I spent my summer working on a farm 4-5 days a week every week and was unbothered by bugs. Not only does it actually repel bugs but it smells good and doesn’t leave a nasty residue like most bug sprays do. If that’s not enough, it’s totally natural.

I never thought I would see a day where I could coexist with mosquitoes. I have officially seen that day. 100% worth every single cent & 18/10 would recommend to a friend. Oh & did I mention that the 4 Oz spray lasted the entire summer and then some? 

Y’all, this works. The end.”

Abigail Ellis