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New Mini Hand Salve Collection

gift sets & kits

Lovely presents for special occasions, or try multiple products that go together perfectly at a discounted price.

New Mini Hand Salve Collection


New Mini Hand Salve Collection


New Mini Hand Salve Collection features all four varieties of  our mini  hand salves at a discounted price. Each salve is handmade with our best selling formula that blends anti-oxidant rich and skin nourishing olive oil, smooth and healing shea butter, rejuvenating vitamin E, and beeswax to lock in moisture and strengthen skin. 

The Salve's have a variety of lovely scents, and the same protective formula and benefits, except for the Eucalyptus & Tea Tree which has anti-bacterial properties from the essential oils and therefore is extra healthy for your feet and nails! 

The other scents include: 

Each set comes packaged in a hand stamped natural muslin pouch. If you are sending the collection as a gift and would like a note to be included, please send us a message!

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