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Enjoy articles written from the young women who are part of our team! Contributions from our UNC interns, PYO employees, and our founder, Elisabeth.

Marlee's Skincare Routine

Elisabeth Chadbourne

The Background

Hi, Marlee here! I’m a UNC student studying advertising and sociology who interned for Lo & Behold last summer. I fell in love with both the products and the brand during that time and so I decided to come back! Working with Lizzie really sparked my interest in what I put on my skin and I finally think I found a routine that works!


It took me a long time to find skincare products that worked well with my face. At first I just bought whatever affordable drugstore product that had a pretty label (I’m a sucker for anything brown and the word “glow,”) but after I started really paying attention to the possibly toxic ingredients that were in the products I put on my skin, that wouldn’t do. I tried opting for natural-ish products and learning all of the long, unpronounceable names of chemicals I should avoid - which did not work. Working with Lizzie, I saw that I could easily get the same results or better with products that had ingredients I could pronounce and knew exactly where they came from.

After a lot of trial and error, mostly due to refusing to accept that my skin is in fact oily and doesn’t need anything that promises extra moisture or “glow,” I finally found a routine that works for me, and all of the products listed can benefit any skin type because they’re cleansing and balancing without being overly-drying!



The Basics

First I’ll start with the universal, no-exception rules: drink plenty of water per day, wash your pillowcase often and never go to sleep without removing the makeup/ dirt from your face. The last rule is especially important for people like me with oily skin that’ll break out from skipping a routine just once.


The Routine

Step 1:

First I wash my face with organic, authentic African Black Soap twice. The reason I do this is to first get the surface dirt cleaned off, and then clean out my pores once the steam and soap have opened them. I just recently started using this soap and I can say that it’s made my skin much softer and my acne scars have started to fade. Because this is a naturally made product, the exact contents can vary from batch to batch and especially from seller to seller. Many companies will try to sell African Black Soap that is black and hard, however this is not authentic. The soap is supposed to be brown, varies in color, and is quite soft. An added bonus of this soap is that it’s great for skin on your whole body, so you don’t have to buy two cleansers!


Step 2:

After I wash my face, I then spray Lo & Behold Honeysuckle and Aloe Facial Toner on a cotton round to get everything out of my pores that I may have missed before. Sometimes I alternate between this and witch hazel because I feel like cotton pads can waste product and this stuff is just too good to waste. After using the cotton round, I like to spray the toner all over my face. It calms my skin, which tends to get red on my cheeks, gives a little bit of moisture, and tightens my pores!



Step 3:

While my face is still damp from the toner spray, (with clean hands) I mix together a few drops of vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, and Lo & Behold Neroli and Chamomile Facial Serum and rub that all on my face in upward motions. The serum already has Vitamin E in it, but I use extra to help fight off damage from the days I forget sunscreen and to remove any scars, and also because I just love extra moisture. The Neroli and Chamomile serum makes my skin so supple and balanced and is AMAZING to use at night if you want to sleep like a baby from the scent and wake up with baby soft skin. I really notice a difference in the texture of my skin the more I use this serum. Lastly, Tea tree oil gets rid of any bumps I have and stops any that may be forming dead in their tracks! After this, I try not to let anything touch my face for a while as my pores are still open and I don’t want to put any dirt back on my face.


This is my very simple nightly routine, however I do also like to do scrubs and masks twice a week to exfoliate my skin. My favorite products are the ones that are both scrubs and masks, like the Lo & Behold Calendula and Mint Cleaning Grains. I use it in place of my second round of cleansing since this is a cleanser, exfoliant, AND mask! I seriously love this stuff! Whenever I feel like my skin is looking dull, or I feel a breakout coming, I know it’s time to use this again and I’ll have soft, smooth and radiant skin in the morning!


However, if I’m in more of a mood to treat myself, I’ll mix honey with the Coconut & Rosehip face mask. I love this mask because it has vitamin c, minerals, fatty acids, and other lovely ingredients that even out my skin tone and keep my face looking young, fresh, and glowing. This mask is technically for combination, sensitive, dry, or aging skin, but I just love the results!

Once morning comes, all I do is splash cold water on my face, and use a lightweight moisturizing sunscreen.

That's it!

I love that the Lo & Behold face line works so well with other products. The generic products that I use are great for getting the basics done, but the L&B line adds another level to my skin care with their carefully selected, luxurious ingredients. I’m so grateful that I was able to be exposed to such a great brand for the start of my natural skin care switch!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried, or thought about trying any of the products I use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Xoxo - Marlee