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Enjoy articles written from the young women who are part of our team! Contributions from our UNC interns, PYO employees, and our founder, Elisabeth.

GIFT GUIDE: for the friends who deserve more than a gift card

Elisabeth Chadbourne


Hello, Elizabeth here!  I’m a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill studying advertising and entrepreneurship.  I began working with Lo & Behold for a photo project during fall 2017 and then returned as the social media intern this spring.  Between studying, interning, and working at Anthropologie, I am constantly busy, and I love spending time with my family and friends in my free time.  


If you’re like me, you love your friends, and you love to make them smile.  My friends (hopefully) know how much I care about them, but sometimes it’s fun to remind them.  Whether it be by spending time with them, calling to catch up or surprising them with small gifts, it’s always fun to let them know I’m thinking of them.

With that being said, I like to think of myself as a wonderful gift-giver…if it’s small and it’s a surprise.  Sometimes I find myself writing notes or buying flowers or extra cookies for my friends when I know they’ve had a rough week or if something reminds me of them.  But, when it comes to buying gifts when they expect it (birthdays, Christmas, graduation, etc.), I find myself stressed under the pressure. Sometimes I feel rushed or like nothing I find is good enough.  

I tend to look for DIY ideas on Pinterest, but I don’t always have $50 to spend on materials or 3 hours to spend making a gift that may or may not turn out well.  (Let’s face it: it’s pretty rare that our creations look anything like the examples on Pinterest). To help with this struggle, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gifts to give that are affordable, useful and personal.

G I F T  I D E A S

Palm Frond Pottery Mug

palm frond mug.jpg

Mugs are always a good idea.  This mug from Waxing Gibbous Pottery is a great gift for any friend who loves coffee, tea, or just cute mugs.  Each mug is hand-crafted by Katie King in Durham, North Carolina and is unique in its shape, texture and design.


“i drank the wine in the fridge” pouch

pamela barsky.jpg

You really can’t go wrong with a gift from Pamela Barsky.  Her pouches, totes and other products are not only sassy and fun, but they’re also incredibly useful and durable.  Plus, they’re super personal and there are so many prints and quotes to choose from that you’re sure to find one your friend will relate to.

Crescent Moon Gold Plated Necklace or Half Moon Studs

moon studs.jpg
cresent moon necklace.jpg

Both pieces of jewelry are handmade in Raleigh, North Carolina by Rachel Calhoun.  Her company, Wind Blown Jewelry focuses on creating simple, everyday pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down.  The necklace and earrings are perfect for anyone who wants to add something simple, yet beautiful to their outfit.

Fighting Hunger Bullet Necklace

half united.jpg

This necklace from Half United is a great reminder that we can do good in the world by uniting with one another to fight against global hunger.  For every product you buy from Half United, you provide 7 meals for a child in need. *Even if you don’t buy from Half United, check out their website to learn about a great cause and be inspired to give!*

Face Mask Trio for a Girls’ Night In

face mask.jpg

What better way to celebrate your friends than by planning an evening together?  Handmade, natural face masks from Lo & Behold show your friends you care about them and the products they use on their skin.  Grab a bottle of wine, a couple movies and pizza for a good, old-fashioned girls’ night in.

Custom Photo Book


Creating a photo book with Chatbooks is a super easy way to share your favorite memories with your friends.  You can use the app or the website to upload your own photos or use photos from Instagram and Facebook to create a collection of your favorite photos.


Astrology Series Candles

These candles from Falling Into Place are handmade to smell like the season of each astrology sign.  Each candle is poured by Mary Claire White in Memphis, Tennessee and a portion of the proceeds from each candle sold goes to the International Child Art Foundation.

Bronze Foil Wood Frame


You can never really have too many photos on display.  This picture frame from World Market is a great gift for any friends who like simple, natural decorations.  Add a picture of you together, one of your favorite memories or even a printed quote to make it a great decoration and reminder of your friendship.

Grown Folks Key Ring


Custom messages hand-stamped on a key ring?  Yes please. These key rings, sold by Edge of Urge, are perfect for creating a personal gift: add an inside joke, coordinates of the place you became friends, your initials or anything that will make your friend smile.

Brunch Date


The gift of friendship.  Plan to go to brunch together and and make sure your friend feels celebrated.  Take her to her favorite restaurant, a new one you know she’s been dying to try or a restaurant that reminds you of her.  Make a day of it and walk around town afterwards or go get mani-pedis -- whatever your heart desires.

T H I N K  A H E A D

There are so many ways to celebrate your friends and so many types of gifts to give.  To alleviate the stress of gift-giving, think about some of your favorite things to do with your friend or things that remind you of them.  Shop throughout the year and buy/plan gifts before it’s time to give them. The best gifts will show your friend that they are known and loved.  Small, thoughtful gifts from locally-owned shops will show them that you spent time thinking about what they like instead of just picking up the best thing you could find while you were running errands.  Plus, you get to support independently-owned businesses in your community!

I hope this list helps you celebrate your friends in thoughtful ways.  I’d love to know how you celebrate your friends. What are your favorite gifts to give?

Stay tuned for more blog posts!

Marlee's bodycare routine

Elisabeth Chadbourne

Hi! Marlee again, the social media intern. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite products that I use to keep my body moisturized and smooth. If you haven't read my blog post on my daily skin care routine for face, then scroll down to read it now!

When it comes to my bodycare, all I really focus on is intense moisture and exfoliation, as drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient rich foods will take care of the rest. I’ve noticed that 100% natural moisturizers like Lo & Behold Naturals tend to be the most moisturizing because they are less likely to have fillers like water and alcohol. Many mainstream skin care products contain fillers to give lotion a thin consistency, but since water and alcohol have few benefits for your skin, skin is left dry only hours later.




Step 1: Cleanse

The two soaps I like to alternate between are Mario Badescu A.H.A Botanical Body Soap and Lush’s Sultana of Soap. Neither of these brands are 100% natural, however they contain a high level of natural ingredients and are committed to avoiding toxic ingredients in most synthetic skin care.  

I love A.H.A Botanical Soap because it uses fruit extracts to exfoliate and cleanse my skin with every wash. I like to focus this soap on my back because I tend to breakout easily and this will take care of any breakouts I have sneaking up. I did notice that my skin was more sensitive to the sun when I used this during the summer months, so be sure to put on sunscreen!

Sultana of Soap moisturizes my skin as it cleanses and leaves behind a fresh, sweet and earthy scent. I love using this especially during winter months when my skin can dry out easily. Extra moisturizer is still needed for the level of softness I like, but this definitely provides a great foundation for being moisturized and heavenly scented.



Step 2: Exfoliate!

Exfoliating is one of my favorite things to do, I’m always amazed at how soft and refreshed my skin is afterwards!

My all-time favorite exfoliant is Lo and Behold’s Bergamot & Mint Body Scrub. I only have to use a tiny amount for my entire body to be smooth, extremely moisturized, and zesty. It has all kinds of goodness in it like coconut oil, rice bran oil, and shea butter! This scrub is especially wonderful to use in the morning because the scent immediately wakes you up and puts you in the mood for a great day ahead. If coconut oil works well for your face, you could even use this as a facial scrub + moisturizer in one!



Step 3: Moisturize

Now, the Bergamot & Mint body Scrub, that I don’t really need to moisturize afterwards,, however I like to take it a step further and lock in all that moisture from the previous steps for even more hydration. Right after washing and exfoliating, your pores are open, so this is the optimal time to provide an extra layer of moisture for soft skin that lasts all day.

I like to alternate between both sweet almond oil and Lo and Behold’s Coconut & Cocoa Whipped Body Butter. At night I just want to lock in quick moisture and I am not in the mood for a luxurious experience, so I use plain almond oil. However, in the morning, when I need a little extra motivation to leave my house, I like to use the whipped butter because it provides a much more luxurious feeling that lifts my mood. This butter has all of the good stuff! Coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, rice bran oil, and vitamin E are all packed into this jar to give you the softest, most vibrant skin of your life. For more information on why these ingredients are amazing, visit our ingredients page! (link)

I’m obsessed with almond oil and this body butter because there are no fillers, just pure goodness for my skin!



Step Whenever: Relax

When I have time to just relax for an evening, the best thing to do is take a hot bath with my favorite candles and my favorite bath soak, Lo and Behold’s Chamomile & Ylang Ylang Bath Soak. This bath soak also features soothing organic oatmeal from a local mill, nourishing calendula, coconut milk for moisture, and koalin clay for cleansing. I also like to add any combination of oils like castor or apricot to the bath for extra moisture.

My favorite ritual is to have a hot cup of chamomile tea and honey besides the bath. Chamomile is one of my favorite scents,and I love how the tea smells with the bath soak. The combination makes for such a relaxing experience that is sure to put me to sleep.



That’s it for my bodycare regimen! What’re your favorite ways to stay moisturized in the dry winter months? What’s your ritual for relaxation? Let us know in the comments!


-xoxo Marlee


Marlee's Skincare Routine

Elisabeth Chadbourne

The Background

Hi, Marlee here! I’m a UNC student studying advertising and sociology who interned for Lo & Behold last summer. I fell in love with both the products and the brand during that time and so I decided to come back! Working with Lizzie really sparked my interest in what I put on my skin and I finally think I found a routine that works!


It took me a long time to find skincare products that worked well with my face. At first I just bought whatever affordable drugstore product that had a pretty label (I’m a sucker for anything brown and the word “glow,”) but after I started really paying attention to the possibly toxic ingredients that were in the products I put on my skin, that wouldn’t do. I tried opting for natural-ish products and learning all of the long, unpronounceable names of chemicals I should avoid - which did not work. Working with Lizzie, I saw that I could easily get the same results or better with products that had ingredients I could pronounce and knew exactly where they came from.

After a lot of trial and error, mostly due to refusing to accept that my skin is in fact oily and doesn’t need anything that promises extra moisture or “glow,” I finally found a routine that works for me, and all of the products listed can benefit any skin type because they’re cleansing and balancing without being overly-drying!



The Basics

First I’ll start with the universal, no-exception rules: drink plenty of water per day, wash your pillowcase often and never go to sleep without removing the makeup/ dirt from your face. The last rule is especially important for people like me with oily skin that’ll break out from skipping a routine just once.


The Routine

Step 1:

First I wash my face with organic, authentic African Black Soap twice. The reason I do this is to first get the surface dirt cleaned off, and then clean out my pores once the steam and soap have opened them. I just recently started using this soap and I can say that it’s made my skin much softer and my acne scars have started to fade. Because this is a naturally made product, the exact contents can vary from batch to batch and especially from seller to seller. Many companies will try to sell African Black Soap that is black and hard, however this is not authentic. The soap is supposed to be brown, varies in color, and is quite soft. An added bonus of this soap is that it’s great for skin on your whole body, so you don’t have to buy two cleansers!


Step 2:

After I wash my face, I then spray Lo & Behold Honeysuckle and Aloe Facial Toner on a cotton round to get everything out of my pores that I may have missed before. Sometimes I alternate between this and witch hazel because I feel like cotton pads can waste product and this stuff is just too good to waste. After using the cotton round, I like to spray the toner all over my face. It calms my skin, which tends to get red on my cheeks, gives a little bit of moisture, and tightens my pores!



Step 3:

While my face is still damp from the toner spray, (with clean hands) I mix together a few drops of vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, and Lo & Behold Neroli and Chamomile Facial Serum and rub that all on my face in upward motions. The serum already has Vitamin E in it, but I use extra to help fight off damage from the days I forget sunscreen and to remove any scars, and also because I just love extra moisture. The Neroli and Chamomile serum makes my skin so supple and balanced and is AMAZING to use at night if you want to sleep like a baby from the scent and wake up with baby soft skin. I really notice a difference in the texture of my skin the more I use this serum. Lastly, Tea tree oil gets rid of any bumps I have and stops any that may be forming dead in their tracks! After this, I try not to let anything touch my face for a while as my pores are still open and I don’t want to put any dirt back on my face.


This is my very simple nightly routine, however I do also like to do scrubs and masks twice a week to exfoliate my skin. My favorite products are the ones that are both scrubs and masks, like the Lo & Behold Calendula and Mint Cleaning Grains. I use it in place of my second round of cleansing since this is a cleanser, exfoliant, AND mask! I seriously love this stuff! Whenever I feel like my skin is looking dull, or I feel a breakout coming, I know it’s time to use this again and I’ll have soft, smooth and radiant skin in the morning!


However, if I’m in more of a mood to treat myself, I’ll mix honey with the Coconut & Rosehip face mask. I love this mask because it has vitamin c, minerals, fatty acids, and other lovely ingredients that even out my skin tone and keep my face looking young, fresh, and glowing. This mask is technically for combination, sensitive, dry, or aging skin, but I just love the results!

Once morning comes, all I do is splash cold water on my face, and use a lightweight moisturizing sunscreen.

That's it!

I love that the Lo & Behold face line works so well with other products. The generic products that I use are great for getting the basics done, but the L&B line adds another level to my skin care with their carefully selected, luxurious ingredients. I’m so grateful that I was able to be exposed to such a great brand for the start of my natural skin care switch!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried, or thought about trying any of the products I use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Xoxo - Marlee





DIY Foot Scrub & Body Oil

Elisabeth Chadbourne

A few weeks ago I partnered with Tracie Little, the wellness coordinator at the Durham Co-Op Market, for a free DIY workshop. We had so much fun and plan to do more DIY nights in the future! For now, I want to share the recipes with y'all! DIY is wonderful because it is empowering, cheap, and trustworthy, as in you know exactly what you are putting in the product and putting on your body! These two recipes are really easy and perfect for spring/ summer time! All the ingredients are available at the Durham Co-Op Market. If this is your first time making your own body care products here are a few tips:


1. Be Flexible- ratios can change a little and be adapted. Substituting is great, trust your instinct! You can really use any container, recycling is perfect, just imagine using the product from the container and make sure it is clean.

2. Essential Oils do extra research if in doubt. Essential oils are very potent and except for lavender and tea tree, shouldn't be applied directly to the skin. Always dilute the essential oils in other ingredients. Mountain Rose Herbs has great tips and safety and usage. New Directions Aromatics has great blending tips. Feel free to email me anytime with questions!

3.  Aware of the natural! I am really into 100% natural body care (obviously) so the recipes I share will always be all natural as well. There is a lot of talk about shelf life with natural products. The truth is, natural products are not going to just spoil overnight, most natural products have 6 months to a 2 year shelf life. When water mixes with oils, bacteria grows. Therefore products like scrubs may spoil faster. However the body oils below should last a long time, at least a year. To lengthen the shelf life, do not put the products in direct sunlight and you can store them in the refrigerator! If you do want to give scrubs as a gift or extend the shelf life, don't be afraid of preservatives.  There are some really safe natural preservatives that can extend shelf life- like citric acid. Okay let's get started!




Refreshing Pink Salt Foot scrub

I don't know about y'all, but this is the time of year when I need to exfoliate my feet! While I use sugar in the body scrubs I sell (it is gentle enough for facial use, moisturizing, and doesn't sting after shaving), I love salt for my feet! This recipe combines two salts for texture and color (yeah the pink salt is real pretty!) However you can make the scrub with only one salt or try another salt blend, like epsom salts! The grapeseed oil is also flexible, you can use any carrier oil like almond oil, apricot oil, or olive oil! Olive oil often has a strong aroma so be aware of this when adding essential oils. You can use coconut oil too, however it will harden in cold months. The recipe below yields one jar, however if you would like to make more just double or triple the recipe and mix it in a bowl instead. Then fill jars after mixing.


Materials: sea salt, pink salt, grapeseed oil, essential oils, 4 oz. jar, measuring cups and spoons.

1.       Measure and pour ¼ cup pink sea salt with ¼ cup plain salt into your 4 oz jar.

2.       Measure 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and add to the 4 oz. jar with salts.

3.       Add essential oils of your choice! The maximum would be 48 drops, these strong scents only need 30- 35 drops. Mix well!



10 drops peppermint+ 20 drops rosemary

20 drops rosemary + 20 drops peppermint

20 drops lemon + 10 drops peppermint

20 drops lemon +  20 drops lavender

The ratio depends on your preference! 

Hydrating Body Oil 

If you haven't used body oil as a moisturizer it is time to start! The body oils I make and sell have a complex blend of essential oils and carrier oils. However you can make your own so easily! Body oil is wonderful all year, but I swear by it in the summer. t's light weight, absorbs fast, and you can apply it anytime! Body oil can also be used as a hair serum, bath oil, or shaving oil! Once again, you don't have to use grape seed oil. All the information above regarding containers, substituting, and doubling recipes apply to this recipe as well. 

Materials: grapeseed oil, essential oils, bottle/ jar for packaging, measuring cup.

1.       Pour ½ cup of grapeseed oil into your bottle or jar.

2.      Add essential oils of your choice! For 4 oz. of oil, I recommend around 40 drops of essential oils.


·         Relaxing and soothing body oil

30 drops lavender + 10 drops rosemary

·         Uplifting and energizing body oil

20 drops lemon + 20 drops grapefruit

                                Clean and fresh body oil

20 drops grapefruit + 15 drops lavender + 10 drops peppermint


3.       After adding the essential oils to your bottle with grapeseed oil, close the cap and tighten. Shake well! 

That's all for today! More recipes to come! Please contact me with any questions or comments! 

disclaimer: the information listed below are not based on scientifically proven facts, however they are based on professional experience and research. The photographs used are not originals for the blog.