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Lip Balm stand made by Five Fork Studio with reclaimed wood

About the line

Lo & Behold is a Durham based apothecary that uses 100% natural, responsibly sourced, locally sourced, and certified organic ingredients to handcraft gentle and versatile body care. We use the best quality and pure ingredients to create products for sensitive skin and those simply seeking a superior skin care regimen. Each product is formulated to enhance your skin and is designed with a unique aromatic blend of essential oils to provide a balancing and therapeutic experience. Never tested on animals, our products are 100% free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances and artificial preservatives. Our goal is to bring moments of delight and well-being with the belief that when you feel great, you do great things.

About the owner

 When I was a young child, I loved nature and I could stay outside all day. When I reached my teenage years skincare became an interest, particularly all natural products. I liked that when you read a list of natural ingredients, you could imagine each plant growing from the earth, and learning how those plants benefited your skin and health was fascinating.

 Unfortunately most of these "natural products" were also filled with chemicals that I learned had harmful side effects, and often were not even necessary  for the function of the product. It turned out natural skin care brands I loved were using ingredients and packaging that polluted the environment and had harmful side effects. While all of this interested me greatly, I never imagined it would all culminate in my career. I went  to college with the goal of finding a path that would help people, like teaching or social work. After graduation I tried a few different jobs, but I didn't feel the passion that I had hoped for.

 In 2011 I started making my own natural skincare products as a hobby, and quickly realized that between the exceptional quality I was producing, and the joy I was experiencing, selling these products was a path worth following. All my free time became dedicated to making more products and educating myself on herbal health. Since I had always wanted to help people through my career choice, I was experiencing a sense of disconnect over this goal. One day I was feeling rather low, the usual ups and downs, and a friend advised me to take a nice bath and apply some moisturizer to feel better.  This advice made me realize that using these products can truly enhance a persons' well-being, and my final decision to create a skincare line was reinforced.

With the support and encouragement of my community, Lo & Behold was founded in 2014 with a dedication to self-care and nature.  Located in Durham, North Carolina, I am proud to be a small business owner in my home state. I contribute to the  local community and economy by buying locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, participating in farmers' markets and craft fairs, and working primarily with other small business owners.

As my small business expands, I promise to follow my values by purchasing even more local ingredients, certified organic and fair trade ingredients, and will always listen to our customers requests. Our products have grown from just moisturizers to a more comprehensive line entirely based on customer feedback. Our line will continue to expand to offer more products that solve specific problems for our customers- using all natural and environmentally friendly methods of course! Please shoot me an email or come visit me or one of my lovely team members at a local market. Thank you for your interest in Lo & Behold and I hope that you will enjoy the products as much as I do!

-Elisabeth Anna Chadbourne

About the products

  • 100% Natural  no synthetic ingredients
  • Handcrafted made by hand in small batches
  • Real Results  we never use fillers, just pure ingredients so a little goes a long way and you will always experience lasting results. Each ingredient benefits the skin and  serves a  specific purpose in the product.
  • Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly packaging primarily glass, aluminum, and minimally used plastic. We reduce waste by not using any extra packaging.
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients we use certified organic, fair trade, and locally grown ingredients with no pesticides, and no invasive species
  • Vegan and Gluten-free options some products contain beeswax so they are not vegan. Every product is gluten free
  • Versatile use each product can be used in a variety of ways to solve different skin issues
  • Safe for the whole family options for young children and for use during pregnancy
  • Unique and alluring scents  unique scents that are never overpowering
  • Gentle formulated to work for sensitive skin. We offer unscented products for those with extra sensitive skin. We are very aware of allergies when formulating the products and  we never use nut oils for this reason
  • No parabens, sulfates, petroleuom, artificial fragrances, alcohol.
  • Never tested on animals
  • Handmade and Reusable store displays made with reclaimed wood by Five Fork Studio in Chapel Hill. This way even our displays are environmentally friendly